The "Blues Briederchen" are a Bavarian Blues Brothers Tribute Band founded in 2004.

Since then, they have performed a multitude of shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland playing songs not only of the Blues Brothers but also from legends like Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Commitments and so on.

With ten musicians on stage a unique high energy performance is guaranteed. The "Blues Briederchen" love the music they’re playing and that’s what people feel. When they start playing you can’t help but join in singing, clapping and dancing. Experience a vibrant soul show that generates enthusiasm and excitement like Jake and Elwood did in the famous movie. Catch up with them, before the police do.

Get your Ray-bans and Fedoras ready and join the "Blues Briederchen" "on a mission from God".



The Blues Brothers
Jake Achim Wimmer vocals, drums
Elwood Rudi Hahn vocals, harp

The Blue-Sister
Katha Katharina Haider vocals, optics

The Rhythm-Section:
Robert Robert Elsberger piano, vocals
Chris "Matt" Guitar Reichel Christian Reichel guitar, vocals
Hari Harald Mahl bass, vocals
Stephan Stephan Beutlhauser drums, vocals

The "Horny Horns":
Tschöpi Markus Tschöp sax
Willi Willi Meindl trombone, vocals
Mario Mario Wimmer trumpet

The Soundchief Gerhard Aichner sound
He sees the light Tobias Wilde light



Find out yourself who they are and what they look ... sond like: